Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

Your company is a living, breathing entity, and we’re here to respond to its growing pains. Small businesses face a host of compliance issues that most accounting firms simply don’t want to handle. Meanwhile, many small businesses can’t afford to hire a controller, and owners don’t have the skills to serve as their own controller. Monthly reporting falls behind or doesn’t meet expectations, and then you’re left making decisions without really knowing where your company stands.

At Bowden & Wood, we practice controllership for you, providing consistent monthly reporting through on-site visits in Louisville and surrounding areas, as well as regular assessment. We help you finish your monthly statements, publish them, and constantly improve the quality of your monthly reporting. This process allows us to generate the data you need, use that data in making decisions for your business, and then we publish it with the banks, bonding companies, and other financial institutions of your choice on your behalf. We can improve lender terms, grow your bonding capacity, help you establish an excellent financial history, and start planning for your future. Our goal is to solve your problems before they get out of control, so you can focus on the rest of your business.


We also offer bookkeeping services for many of our clients. We can do the majority of the work, or we can manage your bookkeeping employees. Bookkeeping is the foundation of all accounting practices. It is absolutely essential that the money coming in and going out of a business are properly and consistently recorded.

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