2023-2024 Tax Planning Guide



It’s impossible for a business owner to foresee every challenge a business will face, or to know how to respond to every situation. At Bowden & Wood, we can offer you many standard solutions to your problem, or we can develop some more creative solutions when the standard answers won’t cut it. There will be a solution, and we’ll find it. Continue reading

Financial Statements

The different types of financial statements involve varying levels of investigation and detail. The type of financial statement we compile will largely depend on the requirements imposed on you by a lender, management, or a governmental agency. Other situations, such as fraud prevention, may require a higher level than you strictly need. We can work with you to determine which option is best for you. Continue reading


Taxes are, without a doubt, one of the few things every person or business can count on. While many business owners or officers are comfortable preparing the forms themselves, they may be paying more in taxes than they should. Or, they may lose focus on the business while worrying about tax preparation and deadlines. Continue reading


Your company is a living, breathing entity, and we’re here to respond to its growing pains. Continue reading