Tyler Wright


Staff Accountant

  • Hired: 2022
  • Education: Sullivan University, Bachelors in Accounting, Suma Cum Laude; Brown Mackie College, Associates in Biomedical Technology, Suma Cum Laude

A few of Tyler’s duties consists of preparing tax returns, assisting partners with compiling client information and working through various financial statements to ensure accurate information on returns

Career Highlights

  • Tyler came to us from IRD, LLC and DRE, Inc where he managed employees. He applied a level of technical knowledge and problem solving to repair and refurbish various pieces of electro-mechanical machinery ranging from small computers to hospital grade Anesthesia machines
  • Graduating with honors in college while working full-time has been an excellent achievement


As he grows as an accountant, Tyler wants to continue his education and earn his CPA certification. “I wanted to get into a profession that is established but still growing that has much room for growth, as well as applying problem solving skills I’ve learned to rely on in my many years in working on electronics.” – per Tyler

Thoughts on Bowden & Wood
Tyler’s thoughts, “The staff is nice and very welcoming to someone with minimal experience to start out, have been exceedingly helpful in the transition and accommodating regarding maintaining a work life balance.”